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OOUX Methods Beyond the Object Map with Lauren Stone

OOUX isn't just a process; it teaches you a new, more practical, comprehensive approach to product, design, and development work and improves your overall skills. Let's talk about integrating OOUX into your UI and feature work. In this happy hour, we will go beyond the object map and explore some practical tips and tricks by reviewing some real-world examples.

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OOUX is a thoughtful, robust methodology for reducing complexity and creating intuitive user experiences, but the skills and insights gained through this course go beyond stickies and maps.

This event is for you if:

  • You are a designer or product professional considering OOUX but you aren't sure how the holistic nature of this philosophy fits in with a more agile environment or within the constraints of legacy systems.
  • You are well-versed in OOUX but you're struggling to implement OOUX principles when tasked with UI and feature-level work.
  • You're curious about how you can start with a current-state audit of broken, isolated, shapeshifting, and masked objects and "work backwards" to create a more intuitive and connected system.

Sophia Prater often says, "A little OOUX is better than no OOUX!" This practical talk will show you how to jumpstart OOUX: even within deep technical constraints and a feature-by-feature project cadence.

Lauren Stone is a Certified OOUX Strategist and works as a Senior Product Designer for Florence Healthcare in Atlanta, GA. She takes a hands-on approach to design and enjoys learning through experimentation and execution. With every new lesson and experience, Lauren has continuously refined her knowledge and skills.

Episode Transcript

The OOUX Podcast

A dive into the weeds on UX systems, information architecture, human psychology, data wrangling, structured content, UX process, and above all simplifying the complex.

OOUX Happy Hour

OOUX virtual meetups feature amazing guest speakers, Q&A, discussion, networking breakout sessions, and important OOUX updates. Bring your coffee, wine, or whiskey.

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