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Allie Ofisher

Lead UX Design consultant at Pixo

and Certified OOUX Strategist


AgTech, Higher Ed, Consulting, UX Strategy, IA

Forever in my toolbox as a UX consultant

What I've learned in the OOUX course will forever be in my toolbox as a UX consultant. I'm no longer intimidated by products or fields I'm not familiar with now that I have this process. I can get to the right questions quicker, build shared understanding of a system across a team, and help create consistent and intuitive experiences with my colleagues. I'm excited about how the OOUX process can influence how we prioritize and estimate specific client projects because I know I'll be equipped to facilitate those tricky conversations when scoping an MVP or multiple phased project, and believe doing so our teams will be able to advise our clients better, helping them make more intuitive and efficient systems that at the end of the day helps users and visitors get what they need faster.

Featured Resources

Miro ORCA Discovery Template Kanban Style
Miro ORCA Discovery Template Kanban Style

The ORCA Discovery Template should be available on as many tools as possible, and especially tools that designers are naturally in and out of all day. One of the most-used tools for many is Miro. Using Miro's built-in kanban tool, Allie Ofisher has created a super useful template for object-mapping.

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Allie Ofisher

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