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Karen Hewell

UX Content Strategist

and Certified OOUX Strategist


Content design, content engineering

OOUX and the ORCA methodology is my new 'secret weapon' for managing complexity

OOUX and the ORCA methodology is my new 'secret weapon' for managing complexity and my own ADHD (ha!). As a bonafide over-thinker, this methodology gives me a repeatable, reliable framework to tease out the hidden questions and logical considerations in a system *without* getting too bogged down in shiny new ideas. I'm able to explore and document concepts, ideas, and potential opportunities without necessarily having to move on them *right away*. Plus, OOUX and ORCA has given me the perfect framework to get stakeholders excited about untangling complexity vs. completely overwhelmed. Making the system tangible and malleable means better questions, more effective collaboration and the best set of documentation I think I've ever had going into sketching! Certainly the best part of this program for me has been its flexibility. Every exercise we learned simply gave me another way to tease out complexity and ask the right questions... but weren't so concrete that I couldn't adapt them to fit specific needs in my own work as a content designer. Did I mention documentation? The most beautiful documentation.

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Karen Hewell

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