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David Connis

Sr UX Writer

Certified OOUX Strategist


Technical products, content design systems, dev-focused products, web3, crypto/NFT

It's a framework that takes term and concept definition work seriously

As a content designer, I've often found myself in hi-fi mock meetings asking, "okay, but what is that thing? Why do we need it?" At times, it's put me at odds with design thinking because it feels like truly understanding and defining the system isn't a requirement to just toss some wireframes down. OOUX really gave me a voice and a place to not throw away design thinking, but to redefine it to be more wholistic. To tell truer stories. What I love most about OOUX is that it's a framework that takes term and concept definition work seriously. It starts with definition, creating a shared language, and telling the true story of a system, all things that get sacrificed to new feature gods. From there, anything is possible.

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David Connis

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