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Ewelina Nowakowska

Director of UI/UX Design & Development at American Reading Company

Certified OOUX Strategist

Development, Systems Thinking, Interaction Design, UI & UX Design, UI Prototyping, EdTech

OOUX is a must-have toolkit for any problem solver!

OOUX and Sophia's ORCA process will transform how you approach system design and development. This iterative framework will help you find structure in creating consistent, scalable, and most importantly intuitive user experiences. You'll identify requirements early and you'll be able to engage stakeholders, project managers, designers, and developers in a truly collaborative and equitable practice. This methodology will give you the confidence to lay a foundation for any project that can be designed and built strategically rather than by mere intuition. OOUX will not only help you find all the puzzle pieces but also facilitate in creating a roadmap of when and how to put all of those pieces together. OOUX is a toolkit and is a must-have for any problem solver!

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041 - OOUX Yoga with Ewelina Nowakowska
041 - OOUX Yoga with Ewelina Nowakowska

Ewelina Nowakowska is a Certified OOUX Strategist and is the Director of UI/UX Design & Development at American Reading Company. In this episode of the podcast, Sophia & Ewelina discuss the ways in which OOUX is like mental yoga practice, how ORCA helps teams work faster, plus some exciting innovations that may be on the horizon from OOUX headquarters.

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Ewelina Nowakowska

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