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Caitlin Steele

Design Manager, Jira Work Management

Certified OOUX Strategist

“YES, this is what we want.”

People might feel that building an Object Map is slowing down the process, but when you meet with engineers and they are like “YES, this is what we want,” you can see how it actually makes the process faster and moves the project forward much more quickly. It feels slow but it’s actually much faster this way.

Show, don't tell.

Practicing OOUX or really understanding the system that you’re working with—if you really get deep into that work, it’s a superpower and you really do it to be a better designer. If you achieve that milestone and you feel like you really understand it and you’re trying to advocate to a broader group, show don’t tell.

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042 - OOUX at Trello with Caitlin Steele & Liam Greig
042 - OOUX at Trello with Caitlin Steele & Liam Greig

Caitlin Steele is the Experience Design Manager at Jira & Liam Greig is Head of Design at Confluence, both previously were at Trello. In this episode of the podcast, Sophia, Liam, & Caitlin discuss the aftermath of an OOUX Design Sprint at Trello, how maybe OOUX isn't for everyone, & strategies for bringing OOUX to a big organization.

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Caitlin Steele

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