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Time for lift-off.

OOUX isn’t rocket science, but it does call for some shifts in thinking. And if you are just discovering the magic of Object-Oriented UX (hi! welcome!) you might be overwhelmed with the amount of content that the community has created over the years. But no worries, we’ve got a Guide to get you started.

The OOUX Launch Guide
The OOUX Launch Guide
Sophia V. Prater

In this FREE guide, get the inside scoop on the creation story behind OOUX, learn the most critical activities in the object-oriented framework, and guide you to the best resources for learning the foundations of OOUX. You'll get the rocket fuel you need to go from 0 to 60 in just a few hours.

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Join the movement

Yup, this is a movement — a movement made up of 1000s of other designers and product people like you, who are tired of designing cogs without a full picture and understanding of the whole machine (see the OOUXer Manifesto for more on what it means to work this way).

UX newbs and seasoned pros are welcome! No matter where you are on your UX journey, OOUX can hellp you tackle complexity, wrangle stakeholders, increase process and product efficiency, communicate telepathically with cats, and overall help you create naturally intuitive digital experiences.

Join the OOUX Forum

We hope this becomes your favorite professional social network. Discuss new OOUX ideas. Join specialty groups around IA, Content, Development, Leadership, UI and more. Enjoy monthly Q&A with Sophia. And get tons of free resources (like an Intro to OOUX mini-course) and support to get you started.

Enroll in The OOUX Masterclass Certification

Work through the OOUX Masterclass with a cohort of 40 other professionals. Get personalized feedback on over 15 assignments — through 1-on-1 calls with Sophia and mentors, the OOUX Forum, and weekly Office Hours. Finish with a valuable professional certification.

Subscribe to OOUX Podcast

A dive into the weeds on UX systems, information architecture, human psychology, data wrangling, structured content, UX process, and above all simplifying the complex.

Enroll in the Self-Paced OOUX Masterclass

This rigorous course is for UX designers, developers, and digital product people who are tackling complexity, wrangling stakeholders, and trying to make systems-level change.

Join OOUX Happy Hour Meetup

OOUX virtual meetups feature amazing guest speakers, Q&A, discussion, networking breakout sessions, and important OOUX updates. Bring your coffee, wine, or whiskey.

Get the free OOUX Launch Guide

When you sign up for the weekly-ish OOUX Newsletter, you'll get our 57-page OOUX Launch Guide and stay on the inside track with all of the latest updates to OOUXy thinking and the ORCA Process.

Follow Sophia

Sophia Prater is chief evangelist for OOUX. She coined the term, created the ORCA Process, and teaches OOUX to teams and designers around the world.