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Brad Frost

Author of Atomic Design and creator of Pattern Lab

Certified OOUX Strategist


OOUX is a perfect corollary to atomic design

To me, Sophia Prater’s OOUX is a perfect corollary to atomic design. Atomic design helps teams think about user interfaces in a thoughtful, considered, and structural manner, and OOUX does the same for the objects and content that flows through those user interfaces. That’s why I see atomic design and OOUX as a fantastic one-two punch: they both help teams break big, gnarly problems down into smaller pieces in order to create thoughtful systems that govern great (and complex!) user experiences.

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Episode 026 - Atomic Design and OOUX with Brad Frost
Episode 026 - Atomic Design and OOUX with Brad Frost

As you probably know, Brad Frost is the author of "Atomic Design," the creator of pattern lab, and a design systems advocate and educator. In this episode of the podcast, Sophia and Brad discuss how technology is like a river, why it's important for everyone on a project to have a shared language, and how design systems are like furniture parts.

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Brad Frost

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