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Ali Feary

Director of Product Design

Certified OOUX Strategist
Advanced OOUX Strategist & Consultant

UX Strategy, GIS, Critical Infrastructure, Workforce Management

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Include OOUX in your process and immediately effective screens design themselves

So, you've been assigned wireframes for a new feature. Are you staring at a blank screen or some questionable user stories? Is complexity creeping in from the corners? Take a deep breath and step back. Include OOUX in your process and immediately effective (but also future-proofish) screens design themselves. Well, they do after you and your team have examined each object in the system to clarify its purpose and relationships. Whether you have 2 hours or 2 months, OOUX can scale up or down to serve the scope. Having asked all the right questions, you'll build confidence that you're designing a system that works -- a system that works for those building it and for those using it.

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Ali FearyAli Feary

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