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Stone Sagala

UX Designer

Certified OOUX Strategist
Advanced OOUX Strategist & Consultant

Information Architecture, Accessibility Standards

Cohort 8

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says about OOUX

I would recommend this program to any designer who is looking to step up their game

This program is definitely a commitment! But by the end of it all, I really think that I have been equipped with tools and knowledge that will help me become a better designer no matter what field I am designer for. The program is one of the best designed I have attended and the feedback is custom tailored for you and our projects. So you actually walk away with points to work on every single week from professional OOUX mentors. I would recommend this program to any designer who is looking to step up their game and focus creating even more value for client of company.

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OOUX and a New Survey Tool
OOUX and a New Survey Tool

Stone shares how OOUX saved developers 1000+ hours of discovery work, led a team to collaborate with the entire organization, and discovered 12 objects with over 100 relationships - all with just the Discovery phase, no less!

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Stone SagalaStone Sagala

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