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Ekaterina Mitova

User Assistance Developer at SAP

Certified OOUX Strategist


Content, taxonomy, ontology, chatbot conversation design


For me the object-oriented world is not something new but it's the first time I started understanding how it really works and how I can benefit from it. What you, Sophia, are teaching is at the very least eye-opening. I am only at the beginning but I already know I want to dedicate my professional and personal time to study, practice and improve the whole process and methodology. It takes time but it's worth every second.

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OOUX Happy Hour: Quantum Content
OOUX Happy Hour: Quantum Content

In this presentation, you will: Learn the three basic needs that humans have in any place: orientation, consistency, and organization. See a lot of examples that illustrate these needs in various places. Learn about content superposition.

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Ekaterina Mitova

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