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Kristin Ouellette Muskat

Design Research Lead at

Certified OOUX Strategist


Healthcare, Government, Information Architecture, Design Strategy

Sophia's OOUX method is on a whole different level

Taking this course was the best thing I have done yet in my 5 year UX career. There are so many courses out there promising new skills that are just rehashing the same material I learned in UX school. Sophia's OOUX method is on a whole different level -- even half way through taking this class I was able to apply what I was learning to really transform how my scrum team approached problems. My dev team and stakeholders were quickly bought in to the process. I've also used the ORCA process in design challenges when applying for jobs to great success. Really nothing beats this process in breaking down the complexity of a problem before the detailed design and dev work begins. OOUX is going to save the whole industry so much time and money as this community grows!

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053 - OOUXing Government with Kristin Ouellette Muskat
053 - OOUXing Government with Kristin Ouellette Muskat

Kristin Ouellette Muskat is a Certified OOUX Strategist who is the Principal User Experience Designer at Coforma, and has worked in the government space for years. In this episode of podcast, Sophia and Kristin discuss why it's important to work at a sustainable pace, yak shaving in government work, how working in government differs from private companies, plus OOUXing the law.

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Kristin Ouellette Muskat

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