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OOUX Happy Hour: Leveraging Airtable as a CMS with Keith Rich and Anthony Gallo

Keith Rich and Anthony Gallo — a dynamic design/dev duo from Think Company who leverage OOUX in their work — recently started used Airtable as a content and data management solution. After a bit of experimenting, they quickly realized the benefits. Content consolidation, a well-documented API, and accessible project management round out the benefits.

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Luke Prater

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On a recent client project, Airtable provided Keith and Anthony's team...

📦 a consolidated destination for content storage,
🚀 a well-documented API for disseminating that content,
🤓 and a transparent content-planning tool, accessible to everyone on the project.


Basically, Airtable merges an intuitive front-end interface with a flexible data back-end; designers can structure content-first experiences and developers can build applications on top.

For this event, we will go into detail about the many possibilities that Airtable unlocks for collaboration, management, and presenting content in a product’s interface.

Want to know more? Check out this blog post.


Anthony Gallo
The “engineer” of Think Company, Anthony’s significant knowledge of how things work “under the hood” comes from his early career as an IT Systems Administrator, before he got bit by the development bug and moved over to our side of the house full-time. A fast learner, problem solver and self-taught developer, Anthony’s also a big fan of staying active and competition—including soccer, football, camping, hiking and running.

Keith Rich
The “midfielder” of Think Company, Keith is a flexible player with plenty of impressive moves on both sides of the field (and a deep love for “The Beautiful Game”, soccer). At home when prototyping new ideas and bridging the gaps between design and development, he’s spent time in the world of pharma advertising and designing service-oriented digital products and is driven to create experiences that make people’s lives better.


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