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Marcelo Brasileiro

Product Designer at ArcTouch

Certified OOUX Strategist

UIUX design

Understand complexity in very flexible and efficient way

OOUX helped me understand what was wrong with my design practice during my career. I always felt unsure about design decisions in projects because it all felt very shallow, but I didn't have the knowledge to point out exactly what was wrong. We had the research, we talked to our users and checked off all the other traditional design artifacts, but somehow it was disconnected to the actual design development phase. It was a diffused feeling that didn't seem to have a clear root cause. OOUX helped me see that there's an adequate amount of complexity in every project that simply needs to be addressed. You can't sweep it under the rug; instead you need to understand it and structure the problem so you can navigate it. The ORCA process does just that in very flexible and efficient way.

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Figma ORCA Discovery Template
Figma ORCA Discovery Template

The ORCA Discovery Template should be available on as many tools as possible. So here's one for Figma, courtesy of Certified OOUX Strategist, Marcelo Brasileiro. 🙌

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Marcelo Brasileiro

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