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Dani Nordin

Product Design Architect, Clinicals, athenahealth

and Certified OOUX Strategist


healthcare, content management, open source, higher education

OOUX has been a Changer of Games for us here at Athenahealth

OOUX has been a Changer of Games for us here at Athenahealth. Being able to break down a super-complex health record and revenue cycle software into the core "objects" our customers are trying to work with, and all the different ways in which we make them reshape, permutate, and deal with those objects, has been eye-opening for almost every person I've done this process with.

Featured Resources

The OOUX Figma Component Library
The OOUX Figma Component Library

Certified OOUX Strategist, Dani Nordin, created a library of OOUX Components in FIGMA that you can copy for use in your own personal projects. The components include notations on Nested Objects with icons for Metadata and Core Content to represent the types of fields. She also included a handful of common CTAs complete with icons. Feel free to duplicate and adapt for your projects!

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Dani Nordin

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