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Richard Gower

VP (Computing, Data Science, Technology)

Certified OOUX Strategist


Software development, project management

I had a blast on the course and made a number of long-term friendships.

The ORCA process provides a structured approach to analyzing and identifying the objects, their attributes and relationships and their Call-to-Actions essential to solving a business problem. I have used object oriented practices for analyzing, defining and developing applications since the '90s but have never had such a detailed methodology to document and communicate findings and to easily prioritize a release strategy. The certification course is run and supported by people with such passion for the process that it is easy to have fun even though it is a challenging pace. Sophia's passion and energy is amazing and the mentors all have their own unique and extensive experiences. The course takes you all the way from analyzing requirements and user documents through documenting the key components and attributes, to developing a feature roadmap, and finally to developing prototypes for validating your findings and testing the assumptions. I had a blast on the course and made a number of long-term friendships that I hope will result in successful collaborations. I am glad I chose to take the time to participate in this course.  

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045 - Defining Inheritance with Richard Gower
045 - Defining Inheritance with Richard Gower

In this episode of the podcast, Sophia & Richard discuss what it was like when object-oriented programming was invented, why "legacy" has one meaning in life & another in software, & why we've kind of been using the word "inheritance" wrong this whole time.

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Richard Gower

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