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Upma Singh

Experience Designer at EPAM

and Certified OOUX Strategist


Healthcare, Information Architecture, Design for #A11y

Design a complex system, bring others along for the journey

I'm a (mostly) self-taught career changer, and after 5 years of having abstract concepts in my head about how to structure a system, Sophia's ORCA method connected all the dots. I finally feel confident in my abilities to design a complex system, to bring others along for the journey and make them understand how we together can design an intuitive, easy-to-use system.

Featured Resources

Leading OOUX: Story time with Imogen Levy and Upma Singh
Leading OOUX: Story time with Imogen Levy and Upma Singh

In this interview style session, come and hear Upma Singh (EPAM Systems) and Imogen Levy (NHS England) speak about leading OOUX in their respective organizations, the trials and tribulations of embedding new ways of working and how it is helping to solve some epic problems in the health sector.

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Upma Singh

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