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Surbhi Tak

Senior product designer

Certified OOUX Strategist
Advanced OOUX Strategist & Consultant

UX/UI Design, Research, Interaction design, Prototyping

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says about OOUX

The time, energy and the money was all worth it.

OOUX is a philosophy which can be applied in any product domain - B2B/B2C. I literally learned a completely unique perspective on solving design problems. I am always keen to add value to the product and I am very happy to have this OOUX skill in my quiver for the same. It's a very well designed course by Sophia. Mentors for this course and Sophia herself are very involved with the students, which was really awesome while going through this OOUX journey. It's definitely a solid and intense course so one really needs to deep dive, but that's how the course has been designed to avoid gaining only superficial knowledge and allow the designer to push a bit to expand their horizons. But and "no but", it's a very rewarding course in all ways. The time, energy and the money was all worth it.

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Surbhi TakSurbhi Tak

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