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Kim Bennett

Senior Content Design Manager

Certified OOUX Strategist
Advanced OOUX Strategist & Consultant

Content Design, UX Writing, Content Strategy

Cohort 7

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says about OOUX

I'm already seeing how this approach is making me a better content designer

It's been a fun and fruitful journey learning the ins and outs of OOUX. I'm already seeing how this approach to breaking down complexity, asking deep questions, and really digging into the objects within a system is making me a better content designer. Through the discovery and requirements stages, I can start defining terminology, considering language for labels, proactively think through error messages, tooltips, and other content elements much earlier in the process. Also, I've found that I'm looking at designs through a different lens now, surfacing questions around placement, prioritization, and suggesting alternative designs for cards, new ways to sort and filter, and more. I love the deep inquiry required in the ORCA process and feel confident that I can help my team take on any complex design challenge with these new tools and skills. Thank you!

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Kim BennettKim Bennett

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