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Maija Schmitt

UX Designer at HDNET

Certified OOUX Strategist

EdTech, Healthcare, Construction/Engineering

Completing this course has given me more insights and revelations than I thought possible

The missing piece to the puzzle that is UX! I stumbled across this philosophy/methodology about a year ago and read everything I could find on it. However, the articles were only shedding a maglite-size light onto the complexity I was wrangling with. Completing this course and especially having weekly check-ins, discussions with fellow cohortians and 1-on1s with Sophia have given me more insights and revelations than I thought possible at the beginning. I now feel like the maglite has grown to a floodlight and no complexity monster can keep hiding under the bed. Thanks so much!

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Maija's OOUX Mural Template
Maija's OOUX Mural Template

This MURAL template created by Certified OOUX Strategist, Maija Schmitt, will help you and/or your team come together around the first iteration of the ORCA process: Discovery. You'll gain incredible clarity by defining objects, relationships, calls-to-action, and attributes.

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Cohort 8
Maija Schmitt

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