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Mike Moss

UX designer at Google

Certified OOUX Strategist

Enterprise cloud, dev ops tools, low code

OOUX is your ace card when you find yourself thrown into an unfamiliar domain.

OOUX is your ace card when you find yourself thrown into an unfamiliar domain (which should be happening! You're a designer after all...). The artifacts from the process don't just help you visualize the messy parts, but provide a tool for shared understanding with your cross functional team members.

The foundation for deeply considered software design

OOUX is the foundation for deeply considered software design. It provides a framework for defining a system; thinking in terms of objects and their relationships to each other.

So much design today mistakenly starts with UI, designing screen by disconnected screen. OOUX will have you start from the ground up, making sure the system matches the users model of the world. Sophia is an effective teacher, guiding you week by week with engaging assignments and a collaborative atmosphere. Highly recommended.

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Mike Moss

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