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OOUX Happy Hour: OOUX'ing your Project Management with Notion

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Lisa Lombardi
UX Designer at Azul Arc

If you are interested in Object-Oriented UX and are looking for ways to apply the methodologies, you're in luck! OOUX and Notion go hand-in-hand; exploring one will help you build mastery of the other. Diving into Notion is a way to apply OOUX in the wild and practice creating and manipulating systems.

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We will use the OOUX process to map a simple system for project management and then design the system in Notion by:

(1) creating an object map,
(2) seeing how the object map translates to a table/database in Notion, and
(3) exploring how to represent the information to create a user-friendly dashboard with Notion's UI.

You will walk away with tools to start building systems in Notion using OOUX methodologies. Prior knowledge of OOUX and Notion is helpful but not necessary.

Lisa is a UX Designer and Certified OOUX Strategist with a background in math and science education and curriculum design. Her love for OOUX began while designing curriculum, and she realized that the process could help the team and company find clarity and create a cohesive product for teachers and students. Once she saw the parallels between Notion and OOUX, she was hooked and hasn't looked back.

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