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OOUX for Decision-Making: A Workshop and Coaching Session

🔮 Bring your big decision — be it personal or professional — and let's apply the magic of Object-Oriented UX for inspiration, insight, and a clear path forward. In this first-of-its-kind workshop, I'll be taking you through a visualization experience based on the ORCA methodology.

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...(objects, relationships, calls-to-action, and attributes) that will help you gain confidence in your decision. I've been using this methodology to drive my big decisions for a few months now and all I can say is: I wish I'd been doing this way longer.

If there's something in your life that you've been wavering on, that is keeping you up at night, that's feeling extra sticky, you don't want to miss this session. Not only will you gain clarity on that decision, but you'll leave with a framework that you'll be able to leverage for the rest of your life.

Session outline (subject to change!):

  • Walk through of the concept
  • My story, a recent personal example of how this framework steered my life
  • Visualization exercise (with Q&A)
  • Hot seat coaching
  • Q&A and feedback

In August, I'll be giving a keynote talk at theUXxUX Conference in Vancouver! This conference has an amazing lineup and I will also be giving a full day, in-person, hands-on OOUX workshop. This Happy Hour event is a "dry run" of the keynote talk. You'll get the rough cut, but also a more interactive version. You'll get more Q&A and also a chance at some hot-seat coaching. So yes, I will be "practicing on you" but I also promise to deliver a priceless, repeatable framework. Cool? Cool. I hope to see you in Vancouver, too! đź‘‹



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