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Jake Zukowski

Vice President, Global Research & Design at HelloFresh

Certified OOUX Strategist


You will look like a superstar.

The ORCA process helps us to get to a better, more complete understanding faster, and helps us communicate that understanding across a large organization where it might not be shared…It’s amazing for your toolkit — you will look like a superstar.

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038 - OOUX at HelloFresh with Jake Zukowski
038 - OOUX at HelloFresh with Jake Zukowski

In this episode of the podcast, Sophia talks to the VP of Design and Research at HelloFresh — Jake Zukowski. They discuss how a designer on his team started sneaking OOUX through the backdoor into their design meetings, they debate about the difference between a Product Manager and a UX Designer, and they talk about how PMs can bring OOUX to their teams.

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Jake Zukowski

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