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How to Fix UX Fails with Object-Oriented UX - EvolveDrupal Talk

Join Sophia at EvolveDrupal Atlanta where she will be giving a talk on the basics of OOUX through the lens of four principles designed to help overcome the four most common UX failures.

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Masking. Isolating. Breaking. Shapeshifting.

These UX mistakes lead to unnecessary complexity and user frustration, yet they're ubiquitous and insidious. You'll see these mistakes in products created by Google, Apple, Instagram, Airbnb and some of the biggest most "design-friendly" companies in the world. And if you are not paying attention, they are likely creeping into your design work, too.

Here’s the good news, they are super easy to fix—as long as you know how to recognize them! Join Lead UX Designer and OOUX Evangelist, Sophia Prater, to unpack several examples of masked, isolated, broken, and shapeshifting digital objects and how to make sure they are clear, connected, actionable, and recognizable. You will learn create systems that are easier to design, easier to build, and easier to use.

You'll learn:

  • The basics of Object-Oriented UX through these four main principles, each one helping you prevent and fix these UX fails.
  • The cognitive science behind these fails.
  • How to spot and fix each of them.
  • The main ideas behind the ORCA framework—a process to synthesize research into a solid structure.

This talk is for:

  • UXers and digital product pros at all levels: newbie to UX Director. (If you are new to OOUX, there’s a 99% chance that the four UX principles taught in this session are going to be completely new to you, no matter your experience level.)
  • Anyone looking to save time and money while designing digital products.
  • Anyone looking to create more naturally intuitive and elegant digital products.
  • This session aims to be 100% actionable—you'll be able to put what you learn to use immediately, improving your design work today.

Episode Transcript

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