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Cohort 5 of the OOUX Masterclass Certification Program is SOLD OUT.

Stay tuned for Cohort 6 to become available late November, 2021! A rigorous, face-paced course designed and delivered by Sophia Prater; for UX designers, developers, and digital product people who are tackling complexity, wrangling stakeholders, and trying to make systems-level change in the experiences they create. The 30 spots for Cohort 5 have all filled up, but you can still take The Self-Paced Object-Oriented UX Masterclass.

Cohort 6 starts
January, 2021
10 weeks,
1 catchup week.
~10 hours/wk commitment
$1,597 USD

Results you can expect


You’ll learn a philosophy and a methodology that will give you newfound confidence in your designs because you will have rigorous tools to break down complexity. Using a repeatable, straightforward, and structured process, you'll be able to create naturally intuitive user experiences that reflect the way that the human brain works. Basically, you’ll become a better designer.


You’ll also gain confidence in dealing with stakeholders, users, subject-matter experts, and clients—you’ll know you are asking the right questions, at the right time. You’ll involve them early, and you’ll know exactly what to do with them. Basically, you’ll become a better facilitator.


Get out of the business of doing surface-level UX work. You’ll gain the skills to take your design work deep into the business structure, the information layer, and the technical layer. You’ll solve systemic issues for your organization or clients. Basically, you’ll learn how to make lasting, impactful change.

And so—expect faster promotions, better interviews (rock those whiteboard challenges), brighter career opportunities—and most importantly, expect to have more fun at work.

This course should be required for all product designers
Fast paced, but comprehensive, program

Trusted by professionals at...

Capital One
Canadian Broadcasting Company
Health Catalyst
National Health Service
Suntrust, Now Truist
Alzheimer's Society
Norfolk Southern

What you'll get:

Video Lectures

You'll get lifetime access to all the video lectures (22 hours+ total), starting at the beginning of your cohort. Over the course of 10 weeks, you'll get access to 2-3 hours of video lectures each week — except week 7, which is a catch-up week.

Lifetime access to the course materials

You'll have lifetime access to all the worksheets, challenges, assignments, practice problems, and lecture materials.

Lifetime access to the most up-to-date content

You'll have lifetime access to all the latest content, updates, and innovations in the world of OOUX.

15+ Course exercises and assignments

The OOUX Masterclass will challenge you with 15+ exercises and assignments as you follow the lecture series through the course.

Personalized feedback

In the Certification program, you'll get individual feedback on your work from Sophia and Certified OOUX Strategist Mentors.

Lifetime membership to the OOUX forum

Yup. Lifetime access. The OOUX Forum is an active, intimate, and vibrant community. You'll connect with members from past cohorts—some of whom offer mentoring calls so they can sharpen their skills by helping you! Sophia is active in the forum throughout the week—answering your questions and providing feedback.

Weekly Monday office hours

There is one 90-minute, weekly office hours at 12pm EST (5pm GMT) on Mondays.

2 1-on-1 calls with Sophia

Two 20-minute coaching calls with Sophia. We’ll review all your stickiest questions about the course but can also discuss career growth and how to integrate OOUX into your work.

Unlimited access to OOUX Mentors

Certification Program enrollees can schedule talks with Certified OOUX Strategist Mentors via the OOUX Forum anytime they want.

A valuable professional certification

On completion of all the assignments and a passing grade on the final exam (yes, there’s a test), you’ll get your certificate in OOUX along with a profile on and lots of official bling to add to your Linkedin profile. More and more companies are looking for designers who can do this transformative type of work; you'll be featured front and center as an expert.

BONUS: Awesome growth opportunities for Certified OOUXers.

Upon certification, you'll have opportunities to become a mentor within the Forum, a speaker at the OOUX Happy Hour Meetup, and a facilitator at workshops run by Rewired UX.

Most mind-bending, ass-kicking and insightful course—ever!
level up on conquering complexity

Course outline

Create an OOUX Academy login and check out the full course curriculum and free preview videos!


  • Get up to speed on the philosophy of Object Oriented UX.
  • Learn to identify the four types of unintuitive objects.
  • Learn the the four laws of OOUX.
  • Learn what makes Intuitive objects, and the psychology of why you want them for great UX.

ORCA Basics

  • Take a whirlwind tour of the ORCA Process, so you can look ahead to the next 8 weeks. Spoiler: ORCA stands for Objects, Relationships, Calls-to-Action, and Attributes. It's an iterative step-by-step process that will help you UX like a badass.
  • Using a simple three-object project, get your feet wet with the process at high-level, so you'll be prepared for the advanced concepts to come.

ORCA Round 1: Discovery Part 1

  • Forage for nouns to gather a short list of potential objects.
  • Learn to identify objects with SIP: structure, instances, and purpose.
  • Explore object instances to help define your objects.
  • Brainstorm high-level object lists.
  • Build a system model to map high-level relationships (and start to see your contextual navigation come to life).
  • Create the foundation of your object map with a nested-object matrix.

ORCA Round 1: Discovery Part 2

  • Define permission-based user roles.
  • Brainstorm each object's calls-to-action with a CTA Matrix.
  • Finish the first draft of your object map!

ORCA Round 2: Requirements Part 1

  • Create an Object Guide, fleshing out your object's purpose, ownership, inheritance, estimated instances, and more.
  • Explore advanced inheritance concepts like object bases and junction objects.
  • Add detail to your nested objects—elaborate on cardinality, mechanics, inheritance, and default sorts and filters.

ORCA Round 2: Requirments Part 2

  • Expand on your CTA Matrix, exploring the context of each CTA and articulating the user's motivation behind each bit of functionality.
  • Add attributes to your attributes (so meta!). Which fields are required? Who has permission to see which attributes? What is the source of each attribute?
  • Consider conditional logic based on an object's state to define object permutations.

Break Week

  • The advanced concepts we go over in weeks 5 and 6 are gritty. During this week we have a break to catch up and clarify some of the finer points of inheritance, privacy, and your objects' conditional logic.

ORCA Round 3: Prioritization

  • Create a launch strategy by prioritizing your objects, relationships, CTAs, and attributes.
  • Get ready for prototyping: define what attributes and CTAs need to show up on cards, what can wait for the detail views, and what can be behind progressive disclosure.
  • Learn about prioritization surveys—a straightforward method to bring users into the design process.

ORCA Round 4: Representation

  • Sketch with OOUX-style templates to wireframe cards, detail views, and list screens.
  • Learn how to turn your sketches into a clickable prototype, ready for user testing!
  • Learn about how to test from an OOUX perspective—making sure you have accurately represented your user's mental model to create a super-intuitive foundation for IXD!

OOUX and ORCA in the Real World

  • Learn how to prototype and test content with a Webflow CMS.
  • See a demo of Adalo, a no-code OOUX-based app creation tool.
  • Get a primer on teaching OOUX and running OOUX workshops with clients, users, and SMEs—IRL and virtually.
  • Get a tour of the ORCA calendar, a 4 week schedule for doing ORCA within your organization.
A foundation I can use to help me be more confident
Sophia's ORCA method connected all the dots

What you'll do in this course

You’ll choose 1 of 3 example projects to use for the duration of the course. If you have a special “pet project” that you’ve been wanting to explore, let's talk! You could use this course to finally give that "million dollar idea" some attention.

Every Wednesday, 2-3 hours of video lectures will become available to you, along with an assignment. You'll have until Monday to take in the content, work on your assignment, and post your questions to the OOUX Forum.

Every Monday, you'll participate in office hours at 12pm EST. After asking all your questions, you'll have some time to refine your assignment before the next module of lectures drop.

Seem like too much for you right now?

Or maybe you don't want to wait for the next Cohort to start? No problem! You can take the Self-paced OOUX Masterclass now. And the best part is, if you want to get the certification later, the investment you make in the Self-paced OOUX Masterclass, can go toward your tuition for the Certification Cohort you join!

Learn more about the Self-paced Object-Oriented UX Masterclass
The building blocks to inspire confidence
Easily one of the best training investments you could make
The most comprehensive online course I've ever taken
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Is earning the certificate a given if I purchase the course?

Nope. We want to make sure this certification really means something. You'll need to complete all the weekly challenges and pass the test at the end of the program to get certified.

What if I don't "pass?" 

Don’t worry. If you do the work, we will do the work to make sure you understand the material. No one who has taken the test has failed . . . yet. Pay attention, do your work, and you'll be fine. If you are really having trouble, you'll always be able to purchase an extra hour-long session for $150.

What will I have to do to keep my certification current?

Your certification will last three years from the time of the last lecture. To renew and "level up" you'll need to re-certify by joining a future cohort for the program. You'll only ever have to pay 50% of the current cost of certification. You'll come in with special senior status and your profile on will reflect your seniority as well.

What's the investment?

$1,597 USD gets you one premium spot. Less than the cost of a conference if you factor in airfare, hotel, and the restaurant bills. If you could take on more UX complexity with ease, turn stakeholders into putty in your hands, communicate with developers with confidence, and step into more strategic leadership roles—what would that be worth to you?

Is there a money-back guarantee?

YOU BET. We hope to give you a 100x return on your investment, which will pay dividends throughout your career. Honestly, we hope to completely super-power your career trajectory. But if you don't enjoy the course, we promise a full refund (minus the processing fees). You'll need to participate fully for the first three weeks: attending office hours and doing your assignments. After three weeks, if you are not feeling it and you are disappointed with what you are getting out of this course, just let us know. We will only ask that you provide feedback to help us understand what was missing. By the way, this money-back guarantee has NEVER been leveraged by a student. We are confident you'll become an OOUXer for life!

Still have questions? Email me at