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Marisa Montaldi

UX Strategist & Designer

and Certified OOUX Strategist


Finally, a user-centric language for complex systems.

Finally, a user-centric language for complex systems. As UX practitioners, we often find ourselves accountable for much more than we have influence over. That's not because we're accountable for too much — no — someone must be responsible for the entire, cohesive user experience, and if not us, then who? Rather, it's because our toolkit is woefully under equipped. We're still a young discipline, and while we're trying our best with our wireframes and task flows, entire layers of the final UX are inadvertently determined by buried technical decisions or unrelated business decisions. OOUX closes this gap considerably. Sophia's ORCA process in particular has been relentlessly developed — in the wild! — in a way that encompasses "just enough" technical concepts (reshaped to be user-centric) so that the full user experience can be articulated & collaborated upon across design, development and business in an aligned and approachable user-centric language. This is the single strongest ingredient I have encountered in my career.

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Marisa Montaldi