Mariana Ivanova

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Training Experience Design, Design Thinking, Education, Personal Development, EFT, Interaction Design

An approach to extract requirements from stakeholders

OOUX, currently practiced by designers mostly, is a great opportunity for product people who can use it as an approach to extract requirements from stakeholders. Once we set the rules OOUX is like a game, for stakeholders to be able to engage they will just need to be guided, and you will get all the answers—as well as questions that should still be researched. I had such an epiphany, I saw why it is easier to jump into sketching at the beginning, but then if we are in the middle of complex project, the overwhelm of requirements, features and processes will never get less it will continue to grow, unless we figure things out in advance. So if you love big pictures, that's definitely for you. To handle complexity, we need to move with focus step by step, and that's what OOUX with ORCA is taking you through, so you can ease your way into sketching, rather than seeking you way out through the mess.

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