Amber Hicks

UX Designer at Norfolk Southern Corp.

and Certified OOUX Strategist


Education, Research, Wireframing, UI Prototyping

Simply life-changing

OOUX Cohort 1.0 genuinely transformed my design philosophy and my design process. I came into the course knowing the bare minimum about OOUX, and I feel like I am leaving with an incredible path forward to practice, teach, and share OOUX and ORCA to my coworkers and to anyone interested in the philosophy and process. I had my doubts coming in, but I've "drank the Kool-Aid" and I'm 1,000,000% an OOUX lover. From simply working on a mock project, I discovered how much this philosophy and process will help with breaking down complexity. There's so much less rework involved when you deliberately align your thinking with concrete, defined objects. My goal is to continue learning more about OOUX by practicing and teaching others. The OOUX Cohort 1.0 was simply life-changing for me.

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